GWAS.US is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting patients' rights while improving health through genomic research.

Your DNA

We believe in partnering with groups that put patients first, groups like the National Cancer Society and Huntington’s Disease Society of America. These patient advocacy groups are in the best position to identify patients and provide a safe, secure environment to donate DNA for genomic studies. Your DNA is private and only used for specific research programs identified by you and your patient advocacy group.

Your Property

We believe you, and only you, should own and control your DNA. Genomic data from donated DNA is owned by you, the patient, and stored in trust by GWAS.US. Working with patient advocacy groups and an advisory board of ethics experts, we identify suitable research partners for collaborative research and license genomic information for limited use in developing treatments.

Your Health

We believe genomic data holds the potential to improve your health, by understanding the genetic basis of disease and creating medicine personalized for your genetic background. GWAS.US is creating a new “protected-use” model of genomics research that will bring together patients and researchers to protect the rights and privacy of patients, while promoting innovation in personalized medicine.

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